Characteristics of a good Business Leader

Business success relies on good leadership. Leadership skills help you to make more effective decisions, focus on your personal vision and progress towards achieving goals of your business.

The ability to successfully communicate with employees and team members will largely determine whether or not a business thrives, stagnates or fails. In a nutshell, leadership communication is what helps and allows an organization to keep functioning on a day-to-day basis while the leader establishes respect and the proper dynamic amongst their team.

Here are some of the characteristics that every leader in Business must have.

Though different leadership styles can be used at different times in a business, some character traits are important for all leaders:

  1. Self-awareness – understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. This will help understand where you must improve within yourself.
  2. Decisiveness – the ability to make decisions quickly. This skill can be learned and improve on effective business decisions.
  3. Fairness – treating others equally
  4. Enthusiasm – motivating a team with a positive attitude. A leader must be someone everyone in the organization wants to follow or associate with.
  5. Integrity – earning the respect of your team.
  6. Knowledge – keeping abreast of the facts and figures. As it’s said leaders are readers. Keep yourself informed at all times.
  7. Creativity and imagination – coming up with new and innovative ideas
  8. Endurance – persevering when things go wrong.

Remember, it is just as important to be able to spot these abilities in others as it is to have them yourself. You should assess the skills your staff already possess and how you may be able to draw on them.

There are also characteristics that any successful leader will avoid, such as:

  1. Poor communication – leads to misunderstandings and errors
  2. Reluctance to delegate – leads to resentment and inefficiencies
  3. Favouritism among staff – leads to resentment.