Get your dose of laughter with these local comedy gems


Our crazy, colourful, vibrant country offers loads of material for comedy. And with a stand-up scene that is growing wildly in talent and in popularity, the world is starting to sit up and take notice of South Africa’s unique sense of funny.

This summer, gather your friends and family together and laugh until your stomach hurts with the stellar local comedy on Showmax, all available to stream any time, anywhere.

If you are in the mood for… stand-up comedy 

  • Trevor Noah’s Nationwild has South Africa’s biggest comedian Trevor Noah showcasing the talents and stories of 13 up-and-coming South African comedians.

If you are in the mood for… a mockumentary 

  • Stone Cold Jane Austen is a hilarious movie about two guys who try to pull off becoming the country’s edgiest Afrikaans rock band – even though neither of them can praat die taal to save their lives. Starring Jon Savage and Rob van Vuuren.

If you are in the mood for… slapstick comedy 

  • Vuil Wasgoed is about Wim and Kevin, two slackers who wash rich people’s clothes for money but also use them to party in… until they find a severed finger in a pocket, which lands them in hot water with some serious bad guys.
  • Bunny Chow tells the story of four stand-up comics who go on a road trip to Oppikoppi. Be prepared for all sorts of ridiculous hijinks on the road.

If you are in the mood for… a romantic comedy 

  • Knysna is an adorable comedy about a man from the small town of Knysna who falls in love with a woman engaged to be married to the Prince of Liechtenstein.
  • Mrs Right Guy tells the story of Gugu, who has been shooting down potential suitors for a long time until love falls into her lap.

If you are in the mood for… a prank show 

  • Schuks! Pay Back the Money! sees master prankster Leon Schuster getting up to his old tricks with South Africans once again, while giving us lots to laugh about.

If you are in the mood for… a comedy to watch with the whole family

  • ‘n Pawpaw vir My Darling is about the lives of the Beeslaer family, told through the eyes of their beloved pavement-special dog Tsjaka.

If you are in the mood for… a sitcom 

  • Mense Mense is a sitcom with a host of characters living together in one building. It was written specifically for lead star Bobby van Jaarsveld.
  • Elke Skewe Pot tells the story of four women who try to find love for every quirky client of their matchmaking agency.

If you are in the mood for… a reality show 

  • Die Radio Raps Show is hosted by the Afrikaans internet sensation Jonathan, who talks to SA celebs about their childhoods and what they love about our country.

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